Zelda Breath Of The Wild Sequel In Development Because Of DLC Ideas

Francesco De MeoWccftech

According to Zelda series producer, the Zelda Breath Of The Wild sequel is being developed because the team had too many DLC ideas

Dragons arrive in Apex Legends and you can swing from 'em

Matt CoxRock Paper Shotgun

Imagine, dragons. Big scaly beasts, flopping about in the clouds like the majestic lizard pals they are. Now imagine everyone wants to shoot them.

E3 2019 Hands-On Preview: Watch Dogs Legion feels great to play, but its characters don’t feel distinct enough

Alessandro BarbosaCritical Hit

It's difficult not to feel excited by Watch Dogs Legion's ambition. Removing a central protagonist from the game, Legion sets you loose on the streets of London

eFootball PES 2020: a ridiculous name for serious football

Chris Tapsell Staff Writer Chris Tapsell is Eurogamer's Staff Writer, its newest Chris, and a keen explorer of the dark arts of gaming, from League of Legends to the murky world of competitive Pokmon.EuroGamer

PES 2020 - sorry, eFootball PES 2020 - is rebranding, in case you hadn't noticed. Konami wants this game to be known as the go-to football esport, built on its reputation as the go-to football sim: the serious one for serious football fans, as any Mundial-reading, Italia '90 shirt-wearing, Borussia ...

Increase your PS4 hard drive space with this 4TB WD Elements HDD for only £80

James Pickard Commerce EditorEuroGamer

As hard drive space becomes even more of a premium with multiple live service games taking up huge chunks of room with their countless updates, you may be interested in this PS4 external hard drive deal.If you head over to the BT Shop (of all places) there's a WD 4TB Elements 2.5" Portable Hard Driv...

‘Pocket Forest’ – A Match-3 With Limited Moves & Adorable Rewards

Jupiter HadleyIndie Games

Pocket Forest will have you matching forest tiles in order to unlock cute, pet-able woodland creatures for you to fawn over. Sometimes, cute mobile games catch my eye. I really like adorable...

Square Enix has an ethics department and it told the Final Fantasy 7 remake developers to "restrict" Tifa's chest

Wesley Yin-Poole Deputy Editor Wesley is Eurogamer's deputy editor. He likes news, interviews, and more news. He also likes Street Fighter more than anyone can get him to shut up about it.EuroGamer

Square Enix has an ethics department, a new interview has revealed - and it advised the Final Fantasy 7 remake team on development.Specifically, this ethics department told the remake developers to "restrict" Tifa's chest, according to comments made by director Testuya Nomura in a new interview with...

Nintendo Switch Mini Accessories Are In The Works, Company Claims

Francesco De MeoWccftech

According to Chinese company HonSon Group, Nintendo Switch Mini accessories will be released later this year. The console has yet to be announced

They Are Billions leaves Early Access and gets a big campaign

PC Gamer

Survival strategy romp They Are Billions has left Early Access, unleashing the zombie horde and giving players a meaty 48-mission campaign to fight through. Check out the New Empire campaign trailer above. They Are Billions splices city building with tower defence in an RTS besieged by the undead. Y...

Breath Of The Wild Sequel Is Being Made Because Developers Had Too Many DLC Ideas

Prasad MoreGamer Tweak

Breath of The Wild was an amazing game and it really helped the Zelda series grow but now the developers are making a sequel for the game

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered will use the original PS1 soundtrack instead of the godawful PC version

Darryn BonthuysCritical Hit

With a remaster around the corner and the memory of the more slap-dash port that was Final Fantasy 9, fan fears over Final Fantasy 8 being another rushed port

The Famous Cross-Dressing Mission in Final Fantasy VII Is 'More Modern' in the Remake

Push SquarePushSquare

Plus more new details

Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte #02: Found At A Location Hidden Within Loading Screen #6

Jimmy DonnellanCultured Vultures

Check the time as you hunt down Fortbyte #02, which can be Found At A Location Hidden Within Loading Screen #6

15 Best PC Gaming Controllers For 2019

Mark LoProtoCultured Vultures

Stay in control as we reel off the best PC gaming controllers for 2019, including offerings from Sony, Microsoft and more.

Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte #58: Accessible By Using The Sad Trombone Emote At The North End Of Snobby Shores

Brendan WhyteCultured Vultures

We’re making our way through the second half of Fortnite Season 9 and over halfway through the release schedule of Fortbytes. Monday of Week 6 is Fortbyte #58: Accessible By Using The Sad Trombone Emote At The North End Of Snobby Shores. For those unfamiliar with the Fortbyte system, it is Season 9’...

Mortal Kombat 11’s Ranked Mode Kombat Leagues Launches June 18th

Ashley BatesCultured Vultures

Mortal Kombat 11's seasonal ranked mode Kombat League is going live tomorrow, bringing with it unique and exclusive gear.

Confirmed: Nipples Don’t Exist In The Fortnite Universe

Jimmy DonnellanCultured Vultures

Fortnite is a game that has kept (most of) its players constantly coming back for nearly two years not only because its meta keeps changing every five minutes so you can never get too comfortable with it, but also because of its mysterious lore. Each season, we see hints peppered throughout the week...

Fortnite v9.30 Patch Notes: Chug Splash & Prop Hunt Added, Boom Bow Vaulted

Jimmy DonnellanCultured Vultures

Ahead of its downtime at 0800 UTC, Epic Games have shared some of what to expect with Fortnite v9.30 with its patch notes. It’s certainly one of the biggest changes to come to the game in a little while, it adding a new item in the form of the Chug Splash while also removing three other items, inclu...

Home Sweet Home (PS4) REVIEW – Not Sweet

Jimmy DonnellanCultured Vultures

Tiring trial and error gameplay undermines everything Home Sweet Home tries to do

Fortnite 14 Days of Summer Summertime Showdown Challenges Revealed

Jimmy DonnellanCultured Vultures

With the deployment of the Fortnite v9.30 patch, we’ve had our first look at the new skins due to come to the game over the next few weeks, as well as the introduction of a new item in the form of the Chug Splash. We have also just had a first glance at what is being dubbed the “14 Days of Summer”, ...

(UPDATED) Fortnite v9.30 Leaked Skins: Starfish, Singularity, Flare, Flutter, Vector, Biz & More

Jimmy DonnellanCultured Vultures

With the game in the midst of downtime at this time of writing for its v9.30 update, we’ve already had our first look at some of the upcoming skins and cosmetics to expect from Fortnite in the near future. It’s a massive patch, and there’s a massive total of 16 skins found so far. The below image is...

New Fortnite Weapons: Air Strike, Drum Shotgun & New Revolver

Jimmy DonnellanCultured Vultures

The absolutely monstrous v9.30 patch for Fortnite has not disappointed in terms of leaks, it positively overflowing with new skins and info. We now know that Singularity will be the Season 9 Utopia skin, as well as that we will getting a tonne of new challenges for a summer-specific LTM. Thanks to l...

Fortnite Shadow Legends Pack Revealed

Jimmy DonnellanCultured Vultures

The Fortnite v9.30 patch has been an absolutely gigantic one for the game in terms of leaks, bringing us a look at 20+ skins which includes our first glance at the Utopia skin for Season 9. We’ve also had a suggestion of the weapons we will be seeing soon, as well as a new LTM on the way to tie in w...

Nintendo Announces Dr. Mario World Release Date

Ashley BatesCultured Vultures

Nintendo have announced the release date for their upcoming mobile game Dr. Mario World, along with a new gameplay trailer.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood To Last 25-30 Hours

Ashley BatesCultured Vultures

In a recent series of interviews, Machine Games have clarified how long it will take to complete Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte #59: Accessible With Durrr! Emoji Inside Pizza Pit Restaurant

Jimmy DonnellanCultured Vultures

Fortbyte Season 9 rolls, leaving a daily Fortbyte in its wake. Thanks to leaks, we know that the grand prize for collecting 90 of these is the pretty sweet Singularity skin, and with not long left to go until some can claim it, Fortbyte #59: Accessible With Durrr! Emoji Inside Pizza Pit Restaurant c...

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne To Receive PS4 Exclusive Betas

Ashley BatesCultured Vultures

Capcom have announced that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be getting two PS4 exclusive betas over the next couple of weeks.

Elden Ring – 10 Cool Features You Need To Know

Billy GivensGamingBolt

Here's everything you need to know about Miyazaki and Martin's new creation.

Rainbow Six Siege Wild West-themed event leaked through in-game audio

Sherif SaedVG247

It looks like the next Rainbow Six Siege limited-time event is close, because leaks are getting serious.

Keanu Reeves Says Gaming Doesn’t Need any Legitimizing, Talks About Cyberpunk 2077

Alessio PalumboWccftech

Movie star Keanu Reeves said gaming doesn't need any legitimizing through Hollywood actors. He then discussed his role in Cyberpunk 2077.

News: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gets release date and launch trailer


You're a wizard, ARry

Enter The Gungeon – Deciphering The Greatest Dodge Rolling Shooter

Ravi SinhaGamingBolt

Fun, challenging, insane and full of heart - Dodge Roll's title has it all and then some.

Pilot a punchy car-mech in bonkers free brawler Deusimator

PC Gamer

Deusimator, then. Like Pacific Rim, it's a game about battling enormous monsters, mainly with giant robo-fists rather than with piddly missile weapons. Or rather, it's a game about battling one enormous monster, which is wandering about a desert, minding its own monstery business.That's where you co...

Deal: Metro: Exodus Is Half Price This Week on EU PlayStation Store

Push SquarePushSquare


Luigi's Mansion 3 developers talk cut ideas, Labo, and why Luigi is a hit with the ladies

Tom Phillips News Editor Tom is Eurogamer's news editor. He writes lots of news, some of the puns and all the stealth Destiny articles.EuroGamer

After being left thoroughly impressed by Luigi's Mansion 3's E3 2019 demo, I got to chat with the game's two leading developers: director Yoshihito Ikebata, and Nintendo's legendary Kensuke Tanabe who is overseeing the project (and others). In a wide-ranging chat on the game and their work at Ninten...

News: Agony spin-off Succubus gets a new trailer


NSFAnywhere, really

Monster Hunter Frontier Z Is Shutting Down After 12 Years Of Service On December 18, 2019


Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Frontier Z, which originally launched as Monster Hunter Frontier Online back in 2007, will end its service this December after 12 years of service in Japan.

How to avoid getting ripped off on Amazon Prime Day

PC Gamer

When you’re shopping for genuine bargains around Prime Day, this is how you make sure you’ve struck gold.

Patient Gamer Review: DOOM (2016)

Jonathan Birkenstammgrowngaming

ID Software has done an amazing job bringing the classic 1993 masterpiece DOOM to the modern video game table. The fast-paced shooter action, mixed with a bit of some modernization became a cocktail for success.

Last Labyrinth Delayed To Fall for PlayStation VR and PC

Rajesh V

The developer Amata KK has announced that Last Labyrinth, the escape adventure game designed for virtual reality has been delayed.

They did it! South Africa makes it into the Overwatch World Cup!

Brad LangCritical Hit

Successfully making it through both selection stages, South Africa is currently forming a team to take on the world and show them what we're made of. It wasn't

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Launches in the US and UK on Friday, June 21 With More Regions to Follow

Glen FoxGamezebo

Big news, Harry Potter fans! Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic’s latest location-based multiplayer game, launches in the US and UK this Friday, June 21. This isn’t quite the global launch we all hoped for just yet, but this is just the start of the global rollout. Many games launch this way these...

Nintendo Switch Mini Leaked By A Chinese Company

Rajesh V

A Chinese company, HonSon Group, has started promoting accessories for "Nintendo Switch Mini": we are referring to cases, protective cases and screen films.

Dragon & Colonies is a Brand New Gacha RPG by Street Fighter’s Keiji Inafune and Level-5

Glen FoxGamezebo

Keiji Inafune (Street Fighter, Mega Man) and Level-5 (Ni No Kuni, Yo-kai Watch) have collaborated on a brand new gacha RPG, Dragon & Colonies, which has just launched on iOS and Android exclusively in Japan. You’ll build your own kingdom on a Hacolony, a digital cube that features six different ...

Bernie Sanders endorses game industry unionisation


Presidential candidate says game workers "deserve to collectively bargain"

Shifting Tides' sojourn to a non-boring puzzle game


Aria Esrafilian and Nima Memari share their vision for The Sojourn, thoughts on the genre, and partnerships with Xbox and Epic

They Are Billions adds story campaign and leaves early access

Nic ReubenRock Paper Shotgun

Numerically hyperbolic but otherwise excellent survival-strategy They Are Billions now has its long-awaited campaign mode.

News: Metroid Prime dev looks for art director on Metroid Prime 4


'Sets artistic vision'